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28 November 2018

'When the end finally comes and the power goes out, once and for good, despairing folk will process out to fringes of their cities and towns and dump their dead machines there. Midden of junked tech – like wen, seething chemicals, festering metal and plastic, or like barrows, haunted by the wights of rampant code. Midden of junked tech that will keen for what has been lost. This is their music.'

Steven Shade returns to his Sevendeaths guise having spent the last year performing with writer and scholar Timothy J. Jarvis as the generative improv duo 'When Cut, the Present You Leaks Out Into The Future'. Shade takes a number of the approaches and tools from that project; contact microphones, looping machines, modular synthesis and granular sampling: using them to create the 5 longform semi-improvised pieces on FT4C.

As immersive as anything from his heralded 2017 debut album Remote Sympathy - Shade specialises in emotional surges and finding the ghosts within the machines.

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  1. 1 TH4C 10:00 Sevendeaths Buy
  2. 2 DL4T 11:00 Sevendeaths Buy
  3. 3 SH4A 8:17 Sevendeaths Buy
  4. 4 SD4W 12:48 Sevendeaths Buy
  5. 5 BC4C 8:48 Sevendeaths Buy


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