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Nathan Micay
Blue Spring
Catalogue Number
Release Date
3 May 2019
  • Vinyl Pre-order $30.00

    2LP in reverse board printed sleeve with 5mm spine. Includes DL card.

    Estimated Shipping: 09.05.19

  • CD Pre-order $14.00

    4pp digipak CD

    Estimated Shipping: 09.05.19

  • WAV / FLAC 16-bit Lossless Pre-order $11.99

    Released: 03.05.19

  • MP3 320 kbps, LAME-encoded Pre-order $9.99

    Released: 03.05.19

The debut album from Toronto born, Berlin based DJ/producer Nathan Micay FKA Bwana

The impeccable craft found in the huge past anthems that fuelled his rise is still present, but Micay has upped his own ante; a prodigious and natural creator, this is his best work yet. Highly melodic with complex but spacious sound design, this inspired work is a technicolour ride across sub bass, celestial future breakbeat, drum-roll-fuelled dancefloor rollercoasters, soaring euphoria, otherworldly soundscapes, weightless sino and even a bit of ¾ time. Micay has found a sweet-spot between prog, trance, techno, hardcore, jungle, IDM and ambient, in a renewed twist on the magic mix that birthed Future Sound of London’s hybrid classic ‘Accelerator’.

To create the album artwork, Nathan wrote a script outline, which was adapted by Peter Marsden into a comic, in turn illustrated by Dominic Flannigan, in tribute to the highly-influential Manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo. The comic sees a young data miner rebel by attending a rave in the woods with her friends, only for the event to be broken up by the ranks of a futuristic police state. ‘Blue Spring’ is the start of the revolution.

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  1. 1 Romance Dawn For The Cyber World 5:00 Nathan Micay
  2. 2 Join Me Or Die. Can You Do Any Less 5:08 Nathan Micay
  3. 3 Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain 5:38 Nathan Micay
  4. 4 He Has The Key 5:15 Nathan Micay
  5. 5 Blue Spring 4:14 Nathan Micay
  6. 6 11.11.90 (Beat Version) 4:07 Nathan Micay
  7. 7 Moon Scepter Elimination 5:14 Nathan Micay
  8. 8 LeafCutAngelicDepths 2:41 Nathan Micay
  9. 9 The Party We Could Have 7:08 Nathan Micay
  10. 10 May All Your Bacon Burn 3:59 Nathan Micay
  11. 11 Romance Dawn For The New World 4:57 Nathan Micay
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